Letter: Town council members are doing the best for Pocklington

Healthy debate is always a good thing.
Healthy debate is always a good thing.

While Andrew Strangeway is perfectly entitled to his opinions, I write in support of Pocklington Town Council.

I have had the privilege to serve the residents of Pocklington in my capacity as their ward member for nine years now.

In that time I have attended a number of town council meetings and while we’ve had our differences (healthy debate is always a good thing) I have always found them to be courteous and respectful of my/the authority’s views.

I think it is irrelevant of Andrew to allude to the fact that they are mostly co-opted rather than elected. They are there to serve, voluntarily and diligently, for the community in which they live.

I recall meeting Andrew for the first time in my capacity as Chairman of the East Riding of Yorkshire Council and admired his Island hopping achievement and his commitment to the spirit of the Ridings.

The fact that Andrew persuaded me to climb Beverley Minster Tower to raise the East Riding Flag speaks volumes.

And finally to return to members of Pocklington Town Council I would like to borrow a few words from the late General Orde Wingate of Chindit fame, which I think are relevant here...

“It is a small minority that accepts with a good heart tasks like these that they have chosen to carry out. We need not, therefore, suspect them of selfish or interested motives.

“They can all have the opportunity of withdrawing but are there because they have chosen to be there. Those who make that choice are not without courage. The motive which has led them to devote themselves to what lies ahead cannot conceivably have been a bad motive. Their motives therefore maybe taken to be the desire to serve their day in the best way they can.”

Cllr Claude Mole