Letter: Time to rethink Woldgate’s academy plan

Time to rethink multi-academy plan for Woldgate School.
Time to rethink multi-academy plan for Woldgate School.

Now that the Government has scrapped plans to force all schools to become academies, surely it is the time for Woldgate School to rethink forming a Multi-Academy-Trust with nearby primary schools?

The main reasons put forward by Woldgate for forming a Multi-Academy-Trust were flawed. Reasons given included stating that all schools had to become academies by 2017, and Woldgate was only one of three secondary schools in the East Riding not an academy. These reasons were untrue then and in the light of the Governments rethink totally irrelevant now.

In my opinion these reasons were a blatant attempt to fast track the process by using the jump before we are pushed stratagem.

With education facing the lowest real term funding since the 70s, do these local schools forming the Multi-Academy-Trust really want to spend much needed money on the process of creating this academy which comes at a considerable financial cost.

There is no evidence that academies perform any better than schools under local authority control, I urge the Governors of the schools concerned to rethink these plans and scrap the so called West Wolds Multi-Academy-Trust.

Richard Bryon

Chapmangate, Pocklington