Letter: There is every reason to back arts centre plans

The revamp of the Arts Centre at a cost in excess of half a million pounds is indeed a substantial amount.

Oak House is, however, a great building which has served the community well over many years and is a focal point in the town centre.

I don’t profess to know the full details of the proposed refurbishment project to comment on the costings, but am sure that the town council and the arts centre will have worked hard to establish a viable purpose for the building such that it becomes an even greater asset to the town in the years to come.

Given the planned growth of the town and surrounding neighbourhood there is every reason for all of us to get behind this project and look forward to using the arts centre when the refurbishment works are completed. There are a number of voluntary organisations, as well as businesses, in the town who would likely benefit from the additional rooms and facilities being developed.

Steve Evans

Wolds Way, Pocklington