Letter: The need for more affordable homes is clear

Your report on proposals to build a reservoir off Mile End Park ( Pock Post, 14 January) is excellent news for residents who have suffered from flooding in recent years. But it is bad news for the many who are in need of social or affordable housing.

The Managing Director of Persimmon Homes is quoted as saying the “investment would inevitably impact on our ability to deliver affordable housing on the site...”

Why “inevitably”, unless it has been decided that those least able should subsidise those better able? There can be no moral correlation between providing proper protection against flooding and depriving those in desperate need of a decent home.

Why is it not possible for the proposals to impact the provision of the more expensive housing on the site? Unless, of course, morals are not part of the equation and the determining factor is simply profit. It is to be hoped that East Riding of Yorkshire County Council will have due and proper regard for the housing needs of the less well off and ensure that the provision of much needed flood defences is not at their expense.

The Rev Charles New

Bedale Road,

Market Weighton