Letter: Tests should not be only measure

I read with interest the article by headteacher Steve Woodhouse, about testing seven-year-olds. I also noted the reply from A J Wilson, which was nothing short of an ill-informed rant. So much so that I feel compelled to write in to show complete and total support of everything Steve Woodhouse said.

As a teacher and father of three children, I’ve seen the effect testing young children have had – not only on their mental health, stress levels and well-being, but the lack of anything worthwhile it tells the school about the children and how little point there is to it.

Standards in schools should not be measured purely by meaningless tests which purely measure how well children remember stuff on one day. Teachers’ assessments are much more useful and more accurate but the Government seem determined not to trust teachers and so bring in more tests.

As a headteacher Mr Woodhouse sees this first hand and being a public servant does not mean he ‘has’ to support the Government policies if he sees the damage they are doing. He should be and is standing up for children, which is much better and should be applauded.

I would like you please to pass on my genuine good wishes to Mr Woodhouse as he continues to do a difficult job made even more difficult by ill-informed prejudices and daft Government policies.

Matthew Harding

Deputy headteacher,

St Matthew’s Primary,

Little Lever, Bolton