Letter: Taking the long view

The Horizon programme “The End of the World” shown on BBC 4 on January 4 made me think and gave rise to some vital questions.

Can they now re-direct huge asteroids so that they don’t impact the Earth and write us off like one did for the dinosaurs? Can they find a way to release the pressure of the Yellowstone National Park volcano so that it doesn’t erupt now, as part of its 160,000 year cycle?

Will they be able to evacuate everyone along the San Andreas Fault with enough earthquake warning? Have we found an inoculation that will protect us from avian flu which killed 15 million people in 1918 after WWI?

But most important of all – have we found a way to keep the Gulf Stream moving when we know the salt essential to keeping the warm water flowing past the British Isles is being diluted by the melting ice caps?

We live on the same parallel as the ice-bound wastes of Canada and it is the Gulf Stream that keeps us warm – if it ceases to circulate it means the end of our temperate climate. What are we doing about it? Can we re-salinate the ocean? Can we stop the ice cap melting?

We are feeling the results of climate change in the current storms and flooding on our own doorsteps and we know that burning fossil fuels is a major contributor to CO2 emissions… so WHY is the Government intent on fracking us into disaster when we are an island surrounded by renewable energy potential?

When are we all, especially politicians, going to learn to join the dots and take the long view? If we don’t, we’ll deserve what we get. “Sustainable future” means what it says – that’s what we all need to work towards… together.

Sue Lister