Letter: Speed cameras move welcomed

Average speed camera
Average speed camera

I don’t know about any other readers but I was confused after reading Mr Hicks’ letter regarding the neutral stance of Action Access A1079 group regarding average speed cameras on sections of the road.

Surely, a group campaigning for a safer road should welcome these replacement cameras with open arms and not take a neutral stance?

Substantial amounts of public money are been proposed to be spent on a futile plan to dual a small stretch of the A1079, which as far as I can ascertain does not include improvements to Sutton Lane/Feofee Lane junction(countless accidents and fatalities), or safer access/egress at Wilberfoss.

I would welcome the views of Mr Hicks, Barmby Moor and Wilberfoss parish councils on this issue.

I for one welcome these replacement cameras and any other safety measures for this road.

Richard Bryon,

Springfield Road, Pocklington