Letter: Rules should be made clearer for customers

Car park signs are confusing.
Car park signs are confusing.

On August 4 I took my 94 year old mother, who recently had hip replacement surgery and cannot walk very far, to the Bengal Brasserie in Market Weighton.

I parked in the car park behind the restaurant as I had done on many previous occasions. We stayed in the restaurant with some other family members for just under two hours.

A few days later I received a notice from a company called Highview Parking Limited charging me £85 for not complying with their notices.

The notices are small and very confusing, eg in bold print 90 minutes free parking between 6am and 6pm with no mention of the rules between 6pm and 6am, the car park is for customers only but with no mention of customers of whom.

Who authorises these companies and what recourse do we have when they reject your appeal?

Businesses will lose customers if this continues.

Richard Reece

Spring Road

Market Weighton