Letter: Revamped Arts Centre looks amazing and worth a visit

Revamped Pocklington Arts Centre is well worth a visit.
Revamped Pocklington Arts Centre is well worth a visit.

I just wanted to write and say what a little gem the Pocklington Arts Centre is and what a credit it is to our little town.

I visited recently to attend an event, and in all honesty, to have a nosey at the revamp.

I went with an open mind, unsure of whether they place had needed the revamp and to see what changes had been made.

I can now say that the place looks amazing! Upstairs has been transformed into a posh bar with seating that allows you to have some privacy but because they’ve managed to retain most of the buildings original features, it has its own personality and quirks which are great talking points.

It’s lovely to see some of these features which were previously hidden and you can now look out over the market place and monitor the comings and goings.

The upstairs is much bigger than I’d imagined and the staff were keen to show me that they also have large screens which can be pulled down from the ceiling to show sporting events but the interconnecting rooms can also be closed off for events or functions, making it a very useful space.

I’d happily go drinking here even if I wasn’t attending an event, it’s that appealing!

The staff were lovely too, very helpful and offering a half time service so that during an interval, your drinks are already waiting for you so you don’t have to queue.

When you consider that most of these staff are volunteers then I think it makes this service and attitude even more impressive.

The place is now a real attraction for Pocklington and will bring in more investments and money being spent locally so massive well done to the staff who applied for and worked hard to get the grant and keep the place going.

Jo Murray