Letter: Response was overwhelming

I am writing to thank you and your readers for the extraordinary assistance and support during our recent floods and the clean-up operations now taking place.

The response from businesses, the press and the public from all over the county has been overwhelming and we are extremely grateful for the offers of time, donations and practical support to help people directly affected here and in the surrounding communities.

We now have heard that donations of household items and food supplies are no longer needed and that most benefit will now come from people donating either their time to support flood relief work (by contacting local community groups or by emailing the council at flood@york.gov.uk) or by donating to the York Disaster Fund.

Set up by registered charity The Two Ridings Community Foundation, the fund was established after the flooding in 2000 to help people hit by floods.

Visit www.trcf.org.uk for more information about the fund and how to donate.

Meanwhile, York is open for business and, as ever, values your continued support.

Sally Burns

Director of communities

and neighbourhoods,

City of York Council