Letter: Problems with beck suggest a lack of foresight

Having read Les Wabey’s very informative letter documenting the history of flooding and Betterton Court, I wonder just how much of the problem is due to lack or foresight and local knowledge of the Planning Department in distant Beverley and inefficiency within the Environmental Agency, whose highly paid part time chairman recently resigned?

When R M English’s mill was demolished and the plans for Betterton Court were submitted, surely the two aforementioned agencies should have though about the problem of flooding and done something about it when the opportunity presented itself? Why was Betterton Court built in an area known to flood?

With all the improvements in civil engineering permitting the construction of the Channel Tunnel, surely it is not beyond the bounds of possibility that the Beck’s culvert under the town centre could be widened and deepened?

When the East Riding Council planners belatedly realised the beck flowed under the site of the new library, that exposed section of the culvert should have been widened and deepened as part of the work but I doubt this was even considered.Persimmon Homes’ proposal to construct a flood storage reservoir should be given serious consideration with the proviso that it be completed and its efficacy be proven before they are allowed to start building houses on the site.

Finally I am told that East Riding of Yorkshire Council has been neglecting to clean out road drains regularly thereby contributing to the flooding problem during this very wet winter.

Roger Bruton