Letter: Plans to reopen rail line would benefit towns

While I applaud Mr Singleton for commenting on the Minster Rail campaign and thus raising its profile (Pock Post, November 5), I feel I must point to a simple basis in any letter to your paper, and it is this – it should be as factual as possible.

I have listened to many comments from the ill-informed to the more enlightened, but the basic premise of any transportation is that it is two way. While people movement may well go in one direction, it also goes the other way.

If we take Mr Singleton’s argument to a more logical conclusion then with the higher population in the towns he mentioned in his letter there may be a higher reversal of traffic in the opposite direction, thus rather than being the death of markets and the towns on the route, perhaps a rail line may also be the saviour.

As usual when something is foresighted, it breeds negativity. Instead of dismissing it out of hand, embrace the idea and work for a feasibility study to be done, then all the questions will be answered and perhaps the A1079 corridor will move more effectively as well as promoting business and jobs within the area.

I am not a member of the Minster Rail campaign, merely an open minded citizen who believes “The Hemmerman Express” may just be good for both Market Weighton and Pocklington.

Martin Cooper

Westfield Road,