Letter: MP has served Stamford Bridge folk splendidly

Sir Greg Knight
Sir Greg Knight

It was very gratifying to see the picture of Sir Greg Knight OBE in the Pocklington Post checking the pumping systems set up by East Riding Council to alleviate flooding problems in Stamford Bridge.

Sir Greg has always taken a keen interest in all that goes on in his constituency, and, following an approach by our Stamford Bridge Council in 2002 about our huge flooding problems, he speedily came to see us, brought it up in the House of Commons a week later, and in 2004 we opened the newly built splendid flood wall.

Without his input the recent flooding would have closed our main A166 road for some time even though one or two businesses had a few problems. We are grateful to this splendid MP.

Bryan Lawson

Burton Fields Road,

Stamford Bridge