Letter: Market should compliment the shops in Pock

I read this very amusing article in the paper about our Tuesday market written by Margaret Stubbs and started to wonder if Margaret was actually talking about Pocklington market.

She states that “care is taken that a range of goods is sold so there is no direct competition.” Absolute tosh!

Fact: The market is in direct competition with just about every business in Pocklington. There are stalls on the market that sell cards, meat, fish, pet food/accessories, shoes/accessories, cloths, pictures/framing, bags and the list goes on and on.

Then she goes on to encourage charities to take a stall at a reduced rate. Pocklington does not need any more charity shops or stalls.

Margaret also states that “local trade is not affected by the market.”

This statement is not exactly true. There are people that just come into Pocklington on a Tuesday just for the market and don’t use the other businesses other than the cafés and there the people who don’t come into Pocklington on a Tuesday because they can’t get parked to do their shopping.

I own Pocklington Cobblers and from my experience trade on Mondays can be better than Tuesdays

I agree Pocklington needs a market but I think a serious revamp is needed and care should be taken to make sure the market compliments not only Pocklington but the other traders in the town too.

Jeff Shepherd

Barmby Rd,