Letter: I urge you all to do some research on fracking

Everyone needs to find out more about fracking.
Everyone needs to find out more about fracking.

I went to the first anti - fracking meeting in Pocklington dubious but wanting to learn more. By the end of the meeting I was very anti-fracking and after research on the internet was even more so. I came away from that meeting with the impression that the vast majority felt the same.

I read that the Oil and Gas Regulators, which include The Environmental Agency, Health and Safety Executive, and East Riding of Yorkshire Council, but noticeably not Cuadrilla, are holding suspiciously rapidly announced “information” meetings at Bridlington and Driffield.

Cuadrilla manufactured excuses for not meeting Pocklington Town Council and the public. They have such a long history of reluctance to meet the public that one must wonder what they have to hide.

At these two information meetings various professional “experts” will undoubtedly give subtly biased information to “reassure” the public. Regrettably, the general public is almost totally unaware of the dangers of High Volume Hydraulic Fracking, which is a very different previously used techniques.

I urge everyone to find as much information as they can on the subject and make up their own minds. Those in the many currently running successful, catering establishments, pubs and the B & Bs who rely on the tourist trade should be very worried about their future.

Will the cyclists, motor cyclists and car drivers who currently enjoy the beautiful scenery and quiet country roads continue to come if fracking sites pepper the landscape and HGVs thunder along our roads? I doubt it.

Roger Bruton

Broadmoor, Pocklington