Letter: Help us to tell volunteers’ story at Arts Centre

Appeal for stories of volunteers of Pocklington Arts Centre.
Appeal for stories of volunteers of Pocklington Arts Centre.

I have been keeping the Arts Centre archive since 2005. This is mainly made up of newspaper cuttings from the Pocklington Post and covers everything from Lesley Garrett to fundraising coffee mornings.

Now the Arts Centre is entering a new phase, I feel it is important to collect the stories of all the people who have volunteered, in whatever capacity, since 1997 and make a permanent record. Although the Arts Centre did not open until 2000 there was a lot of fundraising activity in the previous three years. If you have a tale to tell I would be delighted to receive it, along with a photograph of the event if possible.

For the rest – all the unsung heroes who have served on committees, made cakes, sold tea and coffee, taken tickets and sold tickets – I would like to make a sort of “Rogues Gallery” to keep in the archive. Just a small photograph with your name and maybe a mention of what you did and when.

If possible, scan the photographs and email them to me. Otherwise leave them at the Arts Centre, along with your contact details so they can be returned. Email burgess.kate@gmail.com or telephone 01759 303225.

Kate Burgess

Duty manager,

Pocklington Arts Centre