Letter: Glad to see plans for A1079 have been shelved

I for one am delighted that the project to dual a stretch of the A1079 between Barmby Moor and Wilberfoss has been shelved.

This project should be kicked into the long grass never to reappear.

Do readers believe dualling a stretch of road less than a mile long is worth £26 million of public money? Does anyone really believe that it is going to impact on the local economy? I am against spending £6.3 million of the money set aside for this project on improvements to existing roundabouts near Beverley (what a surprise).

This money could be used to build a roundabout at the Wilberfoss/Newton-on Derwent junctions on the 1079 giving this area much safer access/egress on to the main road.

Richard Byron

Springfield Road,