Letter: Estampie CD had quite a life

The Pocklington Post (5 Nov 2015) Down Memory Lane page included a photograph of me complete with lute and a CD in 1998.

The disc had just been released by Naxos and had quite a life. Its theme was Robin Hood and the greenwood and it featured music played on replica medieval and Tudor instruments by a group I was then in, called ‘Estampie’.

We soon knew the CD had travelled when the University of Texas emailed us for information about a particular track.

Later, clips were used for music questions on University Challenge. Once I was watching a TV documentary about the Crusades and suddenly heard myself playing the background music. The BBC had used our CD for the soundtrack.

Eventually Estampie amicably ‘dissolved’ and members went to other projects.

One group member who had played with Procol Harum (leaving them just before they recorded Whiter Shade of Pale!) went into lounge bar music. Another member became Professor of Early Music at Huddersfield University.

The singer trained The National Youth Choir and worked with Aled Jones on Radio 3. The rest of us played with Renaissance town band The York Waits and made a further five CDs.

Thank you for bringing back many colourful memories.

John Peel