Letter: Diverting town’s beck is fantasy

In part Andy Strangeway’s letter is very sensible but his idea of a diversion for the beck is pure fantasy which, were it to be considered, would swallow up a large part of the money so “generously” promised to Yorkshire to help avert future flooding.

People should not forget that for several years there have been progressive cut backs in promised flood defences all over the country. Yet at the same time the Environmental Agency’s top brass have had very generous salary increases.

One must question whether the Environmental Agency is fit for purpose.

Mr Strangeway is right in demanding a halt in all housing development until the issue is resolved.

On what has already been built I doubt the developers have thought seriously about the flooding problem and installed sufficient extra drainage.

The ground built on served to soak up the rain but what will the effect be when concreted over? Let us not forget that developers are solely concerned with short term profit.

I wonder if the Eeast Riding of Yorkshire Council planning department in distant Beverley has given the problem sufficient thought.

Notably when the new library was built the planners hadn’t bothered to check with local people and were surprised when they discovered the beck flowed underneath it. If we are flooded will we be able to sue the developers and the planners at Beverley due to their lack of foresight?

The Beck must be kept clear of all blockages as was done after the previous flood and where possible the culvert should be widened and deepened. Consideration should be given to retaining the water nearer its source.

Roger Bruton

Broadmanor, Pocklington