Letter: Determined to shape the future of UK positively

All determined to be part of shaping the future of the UK positively
All determined to be part of shaping the future of the UK positively

As the UK faces turmoil, indecision and resignations in Westminster, and much of the country reels in shock with racist attacks and financial losses, there is one area where people are determined not to sit back.

EP Ward created a group of over 20,000 passionate activists using his social media account within 24 hours of the EU referendum result. All determined to be part of shaping the future of the UK positively.

Now known as “The 48%” the group has continued to grow and reached 35,000+ members in just a few days.

The group is contacting every MP and MEP representing the UK, addressing the following points:

l The Referendum is an advisory document. You can – indeed it is your job to – accept its advice, but vote for what is best for the UK even if that means voting not to initiate Article 50.

l The Referendum does not prove that ‘the public’ wants to leave the EU. It proves that of those who voted (just over 33m of a population of 65m people) there is no clear overall preference.

l The fact that the Leave campaign has, since the result was announced on Friday morning, rescinded its three major campaign promises severely weakens the claim that this was ‘democracy in action’ and significantly undermines the result those empty promises delivered.

l Partially as a result of this, a worryingly large number of those who voted Leave have stated publicly that they would like the chance to reconsider – you can deliver that opportunity.

l To touch again on the central point; you, as an elected politician, must not only take into account the (inconclusive) guidance offered by the people but also weigh that against the expert advice to which you – unlike the public – have regular access. It is your job to do what is good for the UK, not solely what the public ‘wants’.

l You have a variety of options: you could call a second referendum; call a General Election; or vote not to initiate the Article. The referendum does not mean you must – or even that you should – immediately act in a way you feel will damage the UK.

Alex Stacey

On behalf of

The 48%