Letter: Decision shows what is wrong with our council

Nobody at County Hall listens to the public or their representatives any more.
Nobody at County Hall listens to the public or their representatives any more.

The loss of the Co-op in Pocklington in favour of retirement accommodation highlights everything that is wrong with local government today.

In the past few years we have had new developments springing up all over the Pocklington area, by this I also include Market Weighton and Stamford Bridge.

Many residents of the area have tried to voice their objections and reservations with the huge influx of people these housing estates will bring, especially when there has been absolutely no upgrade of the infrastructure to cope with the newcomers.

We have had absolutely nothing from the County Council in terms of library improvements, in fact the library is smaller now than it was before, or any upgrade to the leisure centre, which looks like a throwback to the 1950s.

With all the money that has been made by the building contractors the very least we should be getting from them is a brand new swimming pool and leisure centre... something in line with the ones in Beverley and Bridlington!

Our roads will become a nightmare and not just the 1079 but all the tiny country roads which will become rat runs for everyone leaving for and returning from work everyday.

Nobody at County Hall listens to the public or their representatives any more.

It has become increasingly difficult to recruit and, indeed, retain people for Parish Councils and the main reason for this is that we have become no better than talking shops with absolutely no power or influence on anything to do with planning.

So often we approve a plan only to have it rejected for some spurious reason. We reject a plan only to have it accepted by planners. Why do they do this? You may well ask!

What happened with the Co-op is proof that they have no interest in what local people say about the future of their town or village.

Around 900 people in Pocklington didn’t want to lose a supermarket on this site, whichever one it is, but their wishes have once again been trampled on by the planners.

What’s going to happen to all the elderly people living in Sherbuttgate who can only walk as far as the Co-op and back for their weekly shop?

Perhaps they can all be rehoused in the new retirement accommodation then they will be that bit nearer the shops? What about the extra traffic in town once the new houses on Yapham

Road are occupied? More cars will be coming into town as Sainsbury’s and Aldi are too far for the people to walk to.

Parking is already at a premium in town and this is going to get much worse, especially on market day.

But of course, none of this will make any difference to the planners as they are not affected.

They have not listened to our representatives who, I’m sure, will have pointed all this out to them. As long as the houses get built and the contractors are happy that’s good enough for them.

The strange comment by Councillor Rudd is disturbing as, reading between the lines, it sounds like they have already earmarked a site for a new supermarket, which would seem that these decisions are made long before the public gets wind of them.

By the time we find out it’s a signed, sealed and delivered deal...... Oh well, that’s what you call alternative democracy I suppose.

Linda Gray

Rowland Hill,

Yapham Mill