Letter: Crossing must be in Shiptonthorpe to service bus stop

The article has induced a healthy debate.
The article has induced a healthy debate.

Many thanks for the excellent story on the Shiptonthorpe roundabout proposals (28 December), highlighting what I believe is an urgent need to have further consultation with the local residents.

I have already received quite a number of responses from residents and road users and not surprisingly the majority would prefer to see a bypass for the village.

Either way, the article has induced a healthy debate and that was always the intention.

There is just one point I would like to clarify.

Some residents of Shiptonthorpe have been campaigning for a pedestrian crossing over the A1079 for the past decade.

The original scheme that is now before us included a crossing situated close to the services and away from the village.

Myself and my fellow Ward councillors, Cllr Andy Burton and Cllr David Rudd, have made it clear to the engineers and planners that if any scheme is to go ahead then the pedestrian crossing must be situated at the village so that is serves the bus stop, the main reason behind the campaign all along.

We are pleased to see that our wish has been granted.

Mike Stathers

Ward Councillor