Letter: Cost of sprays and fertilisers at an all time high

Prices are out of sync for all farmers.
Prices are out of sync for all farmers.

Sam Walton’s article in the Pocklington Post will have struck a few chords with the farming fraternity. Prices are out of sync for all of us, not just tenants with sprays, fertiliser and foliar feeds (manganese).

I tease our agronomist and call him our “money pit”.

We buy everything from him, from liquid nitrogen phosphate and quality sprays, all at a price.

I feel with oil being so low in price in recent times sprays should be less too.

Are we being taken for an expensive “ride” by spray manufacturers as we are reliant upon them?

It is the road to nowhere to buy cheap so they have us haven’t they?

Wheat, barley, oats for human consumption plus rape, potatoes and vegetables are at an all time low.

Short farm lets are a cause of lack of profits too with farmers paying silly rents for such with no certainty of retaining the land at the end of five years, or whatever.

Mr Walton is right regarding single farm payment costing £380 including VAT to fill in a few forms. Everything is computerised, so if you are computer illiterate you have no chance – nothing is simple any more.

Pamela Frankland

Hull Road