Letter: Collecting gifts for stray pets

At Battle Flatts, we have a long tradition of collecting Christmas presents for stray animals, and this year, we are extending this to horses as well.

Battle Flatts Vets have supported New Beginnings for a number of years and we are asking for your help.

New Beginnings is an equine charity that takes on ex-racehorses that would otherwise be put down.

Many need to recover from physical or psychological problems, and need long and careful rehabilitation to enable them to work again.

Many horses who would have been “written off” are now back in work and enjoying life thanks to the work of this charity, however, they desperately need the help of the wider equine community to keep this work up.

We are asking for donations of feed and bedding as well as any other horse related equipment, including good quality secondhand.

BATA at Gate Helmsley have generously agreed to support us. Anyone wishing to donate can pay for an item at their store and leave it for collection by the charity, saving the effort of moving bulky items around.

We very much appreciate the generosity of everyone involved, and hope we can make a real difference.

Mike Jones

Battlefield Vets,

Stamford Bridge