Letter: Car park wall not high enough

I used to live on Chapmangate in Pocklington.

At the end of our garden the London Street beck ran next to our wall and it never came over, thank goodness.

The beck carries on to the back of Bettison Court where there are privately owned elderly flats and a car park servicing the site.

The wall next to the beck is very low. That is where a lot of the water is combining with the London Street beck, coming over the wall, and flooding Pocklington via the flats’ car park.

If someone built the wall of the car park higher it would not come over and flood parts of Pocklington.

I know it is private land but the people who built the flats should have made the wall of the car park higher.

I don’t know how much it would cost to build the wall higher but would be in the interest of the Pocklington Town Council to find out.

They may say it is privately owned and the residents should get it built.

OK, the elderly people do own their flats, but the whole building belongs to someone else.

So come on town vouncil, stop the flood at Bettison Court car park.

Mr M Held

Murray Close,