Letter: Buying a home is not only option

We attended the presentation at All Saints’ Church on the Bellway Homes proposal in Yapham Road.

Whilst we were pleased to see that some 337 homes were proposed, we were concerned about the 25 per cent affordable ones. What percentage were for rent and not sale? How many would be made available at affordable rents by East Riding of Yorkshire Council and/or by others, and at what rents?

The reason for our concern is that we see many 25 to 35-year-olds now having to live with their parents as they have large fees to repay for their education and so find themselves unable to save up deposits for a house or pay non-subsidised rents. We wonder how many in such circumstances will choose (be forced) to move out of the UK as a result.

It appears that the Government, in promoting house purchase only, is denying an independent future for so many youngsters. There may, of course, be others in need of such rental accommodation, and they need considering too.

Chris and Andrea Butlin

Wheelwright Close,

Sutton upon Derwent