Letter: Building firm must repair home damage

Construction firm must pay up.
Construction firm must pay up.

I write in response to your headline story in which you describe the ongoing drainage problems Mr Wood is having with Peter Ward Homes.

During the construction of the Seward Close site, the developer accessed the lane to the side of my property for heavy lorries and other deliveries for a period of several weeks.

Peter Ward Homes did not seek permission to access the lane from Holme Road. This has been confirmed to me by the owners who are East Riding of Yorkshire Council.

Previously, during the construction of the Market Weighton Health Centre, access via the lane was refused to developers by ERYC for any purpose, and I suggest Peter Ward Homes knew, or suspected, they would also be refused.

There wasdamage to the lane for several weeks making access to my neighbours’ parking areas and vehicle access to the Tennis Club almost impossible.

Damage was also caused to my property by heavy lorries delivering to the Seward Close site, some of which is still not repaired.

For many months East Riding of Yorkshire Council have been communicating with PWH on my behalf urging them to make good the damage they caused.

Mr Peter Ward claimed in correspondence back in April this year that these matters were all resolved. I can inform you and him, they are not.

Councillor David Rudd is right to seek a meeting with Peter Ward not just for the awful problems Mr Wood has had to endure, but also to repair the damage to my property.

Elaine Leach

Holme Road

Market Weighton