Letter: Are we to be the dustbin of the East Riding?

We have written to the county council’s planning committee to strongly voice our opposition to the proposal for an anaerobic digester at Park Farm in Holme Upon Spalding Moor.

We are not opposed to the correct development of business per se in this area but oppose this on the grounds that the public infrastructure cannot support such a facility.

There is strong evidence to show that the main A614 is a dangerous road. It is the main arterial route through from the M62 to the Wolds villages and is widely acknowledged as the coastal route through to main East Coast beaches and towns. Yet despite its volume and assortment of traffic little has been done to support the safety of this road.

Being low lying, the road is also prone to flash floods. Recent development of an extended four acre mushroom facility has failed to take adequate provision of water egression other than by ditch which will lead to a significant flooding issue.

A recently granted application for development of a three hectare site as a waste management facility operated by Allensway at Prospect House is already having a negative impact on the traffic issues on this route with HGV tankers using a newly constructed entranceway on the main road.

All this and this is the proposed main route for delivery to the anaerobic site? To be frequented by heavy goods vehicles containing waste of all natures?

In my own conversations with highways regarding improved signage to the business I was told the road was ‘dangerous’. Nothing has changed since these conversations or serious collisions and deaths on this road.

It would appear that Holme upon Spalding Moor has been designated a waste management area, perhaps the dustbin of the East Riding? It seems a great shame that such a beautiful village, the gateway to the Wolds and site of an English Heritage church of historical importance has been designated as such. Surely there are other less green and historical areas that could accommodate uch development and provide easier and safer access?

To allow this to happen and the proposed anaerobic facility to proceed at this juncture without significant improvement work to the A614 is to put at risk every road user, home owner and business user in this area.

There has to be a structured plan to ensure this proposed facility can continue with the first and most important aspect being one of safety. If the council wishes to attract the business revenue of such a facility then expenditure on the basics has to become a priority, and the basic fact is the road is too dangerous. What are you doing to make it safe?

Lesley and Stuart Robinson

Howden Road,

Holme Upon Spalding Moor