Labour candiates hindered EYIP’s chances during election

Congratulations to the East Yorkshire Independence Party for getting such a high proportion of votes after having being formed for such a short time.

To me, they represent what is needed in local government; local people who ignore party politics and work for the good of their own community.

While they currently have one seat on East Riding Council, I am sure they will do much better next time and are a force of which the current council must take notice.

What I think disgusting is that two completely unknown individuals from Goole, who must have known they didn’t stand a cat in hell’s chance of election in Pocklington, had the brass neck to put themselves forward.

Had they not done so, I am sure that a many of those who voted for them would have tactically voted for East Yorkshire Independent Party candidates so we might have had one or more independents to represent us.

As it is, we are stuck with three of Mr Parnaby’s “yes” people who will vote as they are told to by the cabinet, regardless of the good of the Pocklington people they are supposed to represent.

Roger Bruton