Job losses will have devastating effect

East Riding Council has now agreed its spending plans for the next two years. At its full council meeting last week, members endorsed plans to reduce spending by £20m between now and March 2013.

The effect will be devastating.

Having announced that around 140 jobs will go in the authority in the coming year, the plans mean that £13m of savings will need to be found in 2012/13.

As a result, 500 jobs are likely to be lost, delivering another hammer blow to any chance of economic recovery in the region.

The Council has cynically delayed the full impact of its spending cuts until 2012 in order to avoid announcing massive lay-offs before the elections this May.

But the cuts will happen and will devastate our local services and people’s lives.

Announcements of job losses in Hull will also have a terrible impact here in the East Riding as hundreds of people who are likely to lose their jobs in Hull actually live in the East Riding so the damage will be substantial.

People must realise that the East Riding, whilst not suffering as badly as Hull, will not be getting off lightly either.

This is terrible news.

George McManus,

ex mayor of Pocklington