Illegal drivers are given free reign

I totally agree with the comment by the Mayor of Market Weighton’s comment that speed cameras “are simply money makers”.

While I am not for a minute suggesting that really dangerous speeders should be very heavily penalised I would take the argument further thus.

Speed cameras catch thousands of basically honest law-abiding drivers, whose cars are taxed, insured and well looked after, for what is often merely a non-dangerous technical offence but do nothing to rid the roads of the illegal and dangerous drivers who don’t bother to tax or insure their older bangers which are often un-roadworthy.

If one such vehicle is clocked by a speed camera it is virtually impossible for them to be traced.

The one and a half million illegal cars on the road cost responsible motorists approximately £50 on their insurance policy yet too little is done to catch them while Automatic Number Plate Recognition systems, which would catch them, are not used enough.

I suspect that there is a hidden agenda on the use of speed cameras as opposed to the ANPR systems which is that speed cameras net millions of pounds annually, far in excess of that gained through ANPR convictions.

The fact that ANPR catches illegal motorists and puts old, and often dangerous, cars off the road doesn’t seem to matter when it comes to revenue.

Roger Bruton,