Help shed light on allotment thefts

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Thefts from allotments are nothing new, but what is new this year is the scale of them on the Sparkmill site.

For weeks people have been reporting to the police and council the loss of fruit and vegetables, but the problem gets worse.

Plot holders are arriving on their plots to start work to find a whole year’s work stolen.

Trees are being stripped of fruit, bushes are being picked clean of berries, and all manner of vegetables are being taken.

The most shocking aspect of the thefts is the scale of them, plot holders can cope with the occasional loss, but what they find hard to accept is the stealing of a whole crop. After struggling with the weather, pests and disease, we expect to have something at the end to show for our efforts.

If anyone can shed light on heartless thief or thieves who are brazenly helping themselves to our produce please inform the police.

D Bayram

The Whins