Graham Stuart’s decent point

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Although not a Conservative supporter or voter, after reading George McManus’s political tirade in your paper (Beverley Guardian September 7) I wonder why he did not mention the interview that Radio Four also did in their lunchtime news programme a few weeks ago.

They interviewed Graham Stuart as he is the chairman of the Education Committee, after an announcement by Michael Gove.

In it he stated that in his opinion any extra education spending should be spent on the bottom 25% of achieving schoolchildren, rathern than the top 25%.

I would doubt that very few of the bottom 25% are at public school, but unfortunately this very good interview was given very little prominence in the media.

Perhaps that was also one of the reasons why there was no promotion to a ministerial position for our local MP in this week’s lurch to the right reshuffle.

Michael Schopen

Swinemoor Lane