From the mouths of dogs!

Dear Sir,

My name is Archie (a springer spaniel from Pocklington) and I am writing on behalf of myself and my twin sister Peggy, as she can’t write very well yet.

The thing is, I am fed up and frankly embarrassed, that your readers keep talking about dog poo and the inconsiderate owners that do not clean up after us.

It is ok for you humans who have loos to go to and, even if you are caught short, you can pop into the Feathers or somewhere equally accommodating to use as a convenience....we can’t.

Humans, dog owners or not, have left other mess round the town and you dont hear us complain about it, but that does not make it right.

My point is, those people complaining about dog poo on the streets are frankly wasting their time, my friends are embarrassed that their mum and dad never clean up after them, that’s just the way they are and will never change.

But most of my friends’ parents, including my mum and dad ALWAYS clean up after us, for which we are very grateful as it gives us some dignity, and I hope they will never change.

Yours sincerely, A concerned dog, Archie and Peggy

(Angus O’Donnell, Burnby Lane)