Footpath is needed on Burnby Lane for pupils

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I am surprised at the amount of mis-information over the fence blocking off the access to the cricket club from Primrose Wood.

People seem to think the cricket pitch is public land and I do not understand why the town council has not been at pains to point out that it is private property.

The cricket club are within their rights to stop people walking over their land and, given the way a minority of dog walkers abuse this access, I am surprised they have not taken this action sooner.

The real issue here is not dog walkers and blocking off the access to the cricket club but the fact that there are now a large number of young people from Broadmanor estate using the path through the woods as a route to Woldgate School.

Whether those young people walk out on to Burnby Lane from the wood or 30 yards further down the road at the cricket pitch entrance is neither here nor there; the fact is they have then to walk 200 yards down Burnby Lane where there is no public footpath.

This has become an issue over the last couple of years as more and more people have begun to use this route.

A quote from the town council said that getting funding to build a path from East Riding of Yorkshire Council at this time of cuts and other priorities is likely to be difficult”.

If providing ‘safe routes to school’ is not a council priority then I think they have got their priorities wrong and the town council should be making every effort to point this out to them.

Imagine the outcry if a young person was knocked down on Burnby Lane while walking to school!

The town council has inadvertently raised the issue by blocking the access but, rather than pacifying dog walkers by trying to get the cricket club to reopen the access, they should be putting all their efforts into getting East Riding council to build a footpath before a child gets injured or even killed walking to school.

John Barker,

Burnby Lane, Pocklington.