Don’t do as I do, do as I say...

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While home on leave I always enjoy reading the Beverley Guardian - even more so when a letter from Mr McManus is published (Beverley Guardian 7 September).

I am fully aware that Mr Stuart, our elected MP, is a big boy and capable of some banter from our left wing, but I did fancy replying myself.

We are being made aware that Mr Stuart is privately educated, a hideous crime it seems in the eyes of Mr McManus. I am sure party cohorts will back him on this, the likes of Mr Blair or Brown certainly would not attend such establishments or send their children, or would they? Perhaps Dianne Abbott, that champion of the far left, would she send her children to one? I am not sure.

Or should we look at the Labour front bench and see how many were privately educated, as in his own words Mr Stuart is a product of the public school system like the rest of his cronies. As always with the Labour party, don’t do as I do, do as I say.

Education - I am glad Mr McManus so kindly brought up the subject. Not so long ago when Labour was in power maxing up the country’s credit cards, Mr Stuart raised the subject of spend per head per child in the East Riding. I was shocked to find out that children in the East Riding received £300 per year less than children in Hull. Is this fair, I ask? I am sure you will agree this amounts to an awful lot of money when added up. Why should our children miss out?

Yes, it is nice to have new schools and plenty of teachers, but we also have to live in the real world and I am afraid to say money doesn’t grow on trees, bills have to be paid and budgets cut when we have very little money.

Finally, and this is my humble opinion, you can build many new schools and fill them full of wonderful gadgets but without good old fashioned discipline they are useless.

Ian Middleton

Goodwood Close