Dog mess is a big problem and needs to be sorted out

I have noticed that there have been a number of letters printed recently regarding the issue of dog mess on the streets of Pocklington.

This does seem to be a big problem for the town and it needs addressing.

I have two young sons, aged five and three and, whenever we walk to school or into town, I have to constantly be reminding them to mind the dog mess, as it is everywhere on the pavements.

Another huge concern of mine is the amount of dog mess all over the green on Broadmanor.

It is a lovely space for families to enjoy – running around, playing football and other fun activities – allowing children to run off energy and get fresh air.

I recently took the boys out on their bikes on the green and I couldn’t believe the amount of dog mess that was all over it (it was like a minefield).

On returning from this particular visit to the green, I had to clean dog mess off the tyres on my children’s bikes.

Quite frankly, it is disgusting. It is a real nuisance as well as being a major health issue.

I understand that this piece of open space is also fantastic for dog owners to let their dogs run free and exercise but it should not be used as a dog toilet.

I believe most dog owners are very responsible but there are clearly a large number who allow their dogs to foul freely on the green, as well as on the streets of the town.

The local authorities need to do something about this.

James Cadwallender, Pocklington.