Disgusting and pathetic message

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Our daughter was born with achondroplasia, a form of short limbed dwarfism. Think Ellie Simmonds.

As such, her physical development is behind that of average height children. She is now two and a half and still unable to stand let alone walk.

As this is the case, we need wide parking bays so we may lift Poppy from her car seat without hitting her head or damaging our backs.

We duly applied for and were granted a Blue Badge; hopefully this will not be needed as Poppy grows older.

On Thursday, coming back to a disabled parking bay in Tesco’s car back with Poppy, I was greeted by the following missive scrawled on a piece of paper and stuck under my windscreen wiper: ‘I’M NOT DISABLED - JUST PARKED HERE BECAUSE I AM A SELFISH B*****D’.

There were no asterisks on the message I received.

This disgusting and pathetic message was on the windscreen above our legally obtained Blue Badge.

If the person responsible for this, I think it’s a man as I think a woman would have approached me directly, had addressed me I would have been quite happy to explain the situation.

Instead he chose this cowardly and discourteous way to vent his spleen and so remain in ignorance.

I hope I have enlightened him. If he wishes to apologise for his stupidity, he may leave a note under my windscreen wiper.

In finishing, I would like to say that such distasteful and upsetting incidents are far outweighed by the many kind, warm-hearted people in Driffield who make Poppy’s each and every day.

She loves to go shopping and greet her many friends, especially in Tesco.

Martin Farrar

Address supplied