Did ward councillors get us £7.5m? - POSTBAG

I have just finished reading an article on the East Yorkshire Independent Party, of which I happen to be on the Party Executive Committee (PEC).

I was intrigued by Councillor West’s claim that £7.5 million has been spent in this area over the last four years.

There is no doubt that money has been spent in the Pocklington ward, but I would suggest that this has been driven by necessity in the case of the bridge at Sutton-on-Derwent. As for the cycle routes around Pocklington, these were brought about by pressure applied by Pocklington Town Council and other groups.

The new roundabout on the A1079 has been given the green light with a large degree of help from local landowners and property developers, not to mention the campaigning of the action group dedicated to improvements along the A1079 corridor, a subgroup of the Pocklington and Wolds Gateway Partnership.

We have had projects forced on us by East Riding council that have cost tens of thousands of pounds, like the 20mph zone in Pocklington, money wasted in my, and many others’, opinion. Councillor West puts over the idea that it is because herself and her fellow ward councillors are in power that this money has been spent, I would argue that pressure has come from local hard-working groups.

Our three ward councillors pour scorn on our ability to understand the rudiments of local government, I would remind them the East Yorkshire Independent Party has been formed by local councillors, ex and present town mayors.

We are not some wet-behind-the-ears group, but hard-working councillors who set out to achieve the best they can for their respective communities.

The inability to listen to the people’s local representatives in town/parish councils is all too apparent within the East Riding Council. May I remind you of the “Pocela” debacle where Pocklington spoke and not only did East Riding Council not listen, but neither would our ward councillors.

Then there is the matter of the parking charges, which has not gone away. Our three ward councillors refused to comment when other ward councillors did; ours preferred to take the whip!

The Conservatives talk of something called “localism” - what is this to mean? Is this just another gimmick from central Government? Is it pie-in-the-sky politics that will bear no fruit?

There is a true local party offering local answers to local problems - we are the East Yorkshire Independent Party. Now that we have set out our stall, and it is an ever-growing and popular one, as time goes by we are talking to more potential candidates throughout the East Riding.

Martin Cooper

Executive member EYIP