Councillors should resign now

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Saturday Market resurfacing at expense of Driffield’s roads.

The matter is of course an utter disgrace as is most things that this dreadfull (award winning) council get away with.

To quote East Riding Council leader Coun Stepehen Parnaby: “The council continues to spend more than £10 million annually on planned road maintenance and recently the council announced that an additional £3.2 million would be spent on highway maintenance.”

Fact: The money for Saturday Market was taken from this ‘saving’ of £3.2 million, yet more misinformation from Parnaby. Fact: you don’t need to spend anything like that to resurface the Market Place, it only cost £600,000 to resurface the A166 between Garrowby & Stamford Bridge.

In April next year the council want to raise £2.5 million from the poorest in society by cutting council tax benefit for everyone of working age. They are trying to blame government cuts but it is Coun Fraser, Temple & Hall who are contemplating this. Stealing from the rich to pay for grandeous schemes and councillors expenses. Utterly disgracefull. How can Messrs Hall, Fraser & Temple standby whilst Robin Hood Parnaby gets away with this?

Another failure of ‘our’ councillors... the bed closure at Driffield Hospital, signed off by the Chairman of the East Riding Council overview and scrutiny committe on health... one Coun. Barbara Hall, (Driffield ward coun. & member of the Hospital defence league), square that one if you can!

Our councillors are unaccountable fail to represent the town and a disgrace. They should resign NOW.

D.B. Edgar