Bring back Pock police line

Very recently an expensive piece of agricultural equipment was stolen from my property. It was well secured with an integral manufacturer’s lock as well as a heavy duty wheel clamp. It would have taken several men and/or a fork lift truck of some sort to get it onto a wagon. I reported the theft to the police using the 0845 number.

This is a call centre somewhere in the Hull area, I believe.

The lady taking the details of the theft had no local knowledge and it took some time for me to get her to understand where the theft had taken place (she wanted a postcode – fields don’t have postcodes!).

Her comment was to the effect that if the theft had taken place in Hull she would have known the area but she was not familiar with elsewhere. Bring back a telephone number for Pocklington Police! I was given a crime number.

The police did nothing whatsoever to try to find out who had stolen my equipment. Because of the nature of the theft it was likely there would have been fingerprints. However the police categorically refused to check for them. There have been lot of farm related thefts in the area. Surely the police have some suspicions regarding certain individuals?

In the days when we had local policing, the local bobby would know the community and the local villains and I am quite sure the crime clear up rate was much higher. Now most of the police officers don’t know the area and they don’t tap into local intelligence.

As usual, the victim takes the emotional and financial hit. My insurance premium will now increase because of the claim I have had to make and I will have a large excess to pay. I doubt whether my theft will even be recorded in Humberside Police’s crime statistics.

It is quite clear that the police are not interested in dealing with thefts, so the villains can rob hard working people with impunity. So, why are we paying for the police? They don’t provide a service to law abiding citizens anymore.

P Black