A chance to start afresh

Father Michael Sellers
Father Michael Sellers

Looking back over the last twelve months we have seen around the world many gross acts of violence, with hundreds of thousands of people driven from their homes in various countries. The world seems to be changing rapidly and people are left in turmoil.

Closer to home we have our own experiences to recall. We may have celebrated a family wedding or the birth of a baby. We may have had to face a serious medical diagnosis or the death of a loved one.

In all these experiences, even the joyful ones, we can lose our bearings, the foundations on which we have built our lives can seem shaky in times of change.

The New Year gives us a chance to start afresh. We have just celebrated Christmas, a season of giving and receiving. We know that acts of kindness and compassion can change people’s lives. This is a good time to renew our gratitude for what we have received and to ask how we can be inspired to be more giving of ourselves.

Let us take the life and teachings of Jesus as a guide, perhaps look again at a favourite gospel passage which has inspired us in the past.

May this New Year bring us a fresh appreciation of God’s gifts and lead us to become better human beings and more faithful Christians.

On behalf of all the people of Ss Mary and Joseph Church I wish your readers a happy and fruitful New Year.

Father Michael Sellers

Ss Mary and Joseph Catholic Church, Pocklington