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Letter: Firefighter's climb to top of World Trade Center

As a Helmsley firefighter I am taking on a challenge which will involve climbing 80 flights of stairs in full firefighting kit, in the heat of a New York summer, to raise money for charity.

Thank you for the donations.

Letter: Various items donated to Open Doors charity

The congregation of Pocklington Methodist Church celebrated Mothering Sunday by donating shampoo, soap, deodorants etc to Open Doors, a Hull-based charity that cares for homeless women and women refugees.

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Recalling a once vibrant town centre.

Letter: Our town has lost services, shops and social venues

Looking back to the ‘good old days’ I remember when Pocklington had: a train station, gas works, a coal depot, Beals Nurseries, a scrap yard, a foundry, a council yard, a Jobcentre, a National School, a printers, six garages, a dance hall (Zillertal), a drill hall, a police station manned 24/7, four fish shops (open to midnight), cobblers, electric shop (YEB) to pay bills and buy goods, a wood yard, men’s outfitters, English’s Grain Store and Mill, launderette, Egg Packers, Rowleys Factory, Relay Shop, Rowleys (for school uniforms), Millers Wet Fish, Ainsty’s, a car showroom, Sundora Factory plus numerous small shops for groceries, shoes, dresses, etc.

Why not approach local potteries?

Letter: Organisers have missed a trick with ceramic poppy installation

While we think it is a great idea for Pocklington church to commemorate the ending of the First World War with a flower festival and an installation of ceramic poppies, we were disappointed to see that the organisers did not approach any local potters to help them with the making of the poppies.

Precept increase of 2.5%.

Letter: Precept to pay for new bus service and handyman

In reply to the open letter titled Concentrate on Issues that Matter in Pocklington.

The public will decide when voting comes round again.

Letter: Concentrate on issues that matter in Pocklington

An open letter to Pocklington Town Council, re Cllr Strangeway:

Brexit cannot be blamed in its entirety for the departure of nurses from the NHS.

Letter: Spiritual needs not being met

The NHS and the government need a reality check to grasp the bigger picture.

The tours will enable veterans to return with a family member and carer.

Letter: Free tours for World War Two veterans

The travel arm of the Royal British Legion is on a mission to find all surviving veterans of World War Two.

Presumably Mr Johnson will have considered the massive cost implications of such a project.

Letter: Brexit conflicts with bridge link to France

Why are we once again subjected to the illogical and incoherent ramblings of the Foreign Secretary?

The walk from Barmby Road down the snicket to town is a dogs toilet despite bins at each end.

Letter: Dog walkers urged to pick up after pets

What is wrong with the dog walkers of Pocklington, are they too posh to pick up or just too lazy?

The article has induced a healthy debate.

Letter: Crossing must be in Shiptonthorpe to service bus stop

Many thanks for the excellent story on the Shiptonthorpe roundabout proposals (28 December), highlighting what I believe is an urgent need to have further consultation with the local residents.

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Saddened at closure.

Letter: Sad at Sue Ryder Holme closure

It is so sad that the care home is closing. Holme Hall is set in beautiful grounds at the foot of Church Hill in Holme-upon-Spalding Moor. The woods are home to the famous statue of the Virgin Mary that is reported to weep. The hall was initially a convent and when vacated by the nuns much of the fabric and furnishing was retained by Sue Ryder.

If the motion was purely for council play areas I would have supported it.

Letter: Smoking plan a waste of money

I was saddened to read Conservative Cllr Jonathan Owen, ERYC deputy leader from Kilham regarding his motion to restrict smoking in children’s play areas (letters, Thursday, November 30).

Poppy appeal thanks.

Letter: Thank you for all kind donations to poppy appeal

On behalf of the Royal British Legion I would like to say a massive thank you to the people of Stamford Bridge and the surrounding areas who have shown such generous support for the recent Poppy Appeal.

Ypres has been restored exactly as it was before 1914.

Letter: Restored Ypres is a sight to behold

For me, on my first visit to the battlefield sites of the Ypres salient, it wasn’t the battleground with its labyrinth of trenches and the layer upon layer of memorial head stones to the fallen but the beautiful town of Ypres itself that drew my attention.

Disappointed council did not support motion.

Letter: I am hoping to restrict smoking at play areas

I write as Chairman of the East Riding Health and Wellbeing Board, and as Deputy Leader of East Riding of Yorkshire Council to thank fellow East Riding councillors for overwhelmingly supporting a motion I put to the Full Council this week.

The committee would like to thank all those volunteers who helped to make this event such a success.

Letter: Superb bonfire and fireworks go with a bang

Fangfoss and Bolton village bonfire took place on 4 November at Jubilee Park.
Thanks for support

Letter: Thank you for your support at race night

We would like to thank everyone who came to the charity race night at Burnby Hall on Saturday 11 November to help raise funds for the Amyloidosis Foundation where we also paid respect to our late son, brother and dad Mike Murr who died from Amyloidosis.

Example of pedestrian road rage.

Letter: Lack of seasonal spirit on show at car park

As we approach the season of goodwill, there appears to be one person at least who has not yet engaged in the festive spirit.
Determined to fight to protect the countryside.

Letter: Fighting to protect our countryside

We attended a talk at the Milton Rooms, Malton, to listen to a very earnest, erudite Canadian woman Jessica Ernst, who told us of the untold problems caused to the water supply of her and her neighbours due to the gas industry which had fracked their area.

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