Your review: Singers’ production of Oratorio Messiah

A packed All Saints’ Church was treated to a fine performance of Handel’s ever popular Oratorio Messiah by the Pocklington Singers.

It was nice to hear the work on a scale more in keeping with the composer’s original, more modest conception of the piece than we are accustomed to hearing. The orchestra acquitted itself very well, always of a piece with the singers and playing with panache and confidence.

The choir goes from strength to strength. All the elements of the choir came together wonderfully well.

The various layers of sound, while clearly to be heard, blended very well with each other. The singing was always clean and precise, no muddiness in diction or untidiness in coming in or finishing.

And all would have been stirred by the wall of sound associated with the Hallelujah Chorus and the Wonderful Counsellor of ‘Unto us a Child is born’.

This was choral singing of very high quality. The Messiah makes heavy demands of the soloists in conveying the story. Ann Roberts (soprano), Lamorna Nieuwold (alto), Robert Peel (tenor) and James Gaughan (bass) more than did justice to the demands upon them.

They are to be congratulated. Very warm thanks to the director of the choir, Michael Cooper, who is bringing singing of high quality to our community.