Your review: Dramatic account of the sinking of the Titanic

The Wolds Wonders music and drama group.
The Wolds Wonders music and drama group.

What a rollercoaster of emotion!

The latest production of the Wolds Wonders music and drama group, for adults with learning disabilities, was the choice of the cast who must be congratulated on their decision.

It was a dramatic account of the sinking of the Titanic in 1912 consisting of a series of 10 short scenes capturing the excitement and ultimate tragedy surrounding the launching of what was thought to be an unsinkable liner. The ship foundered on its first journey to sea and tragically 1,500 men, women and children perished as the Titanic hit a massive iceberg.

‘The Reduced Titanic’ production was highly inventive, using music and sound to great effect as the passengers boarded the ship and looked around, awed at its size and what it had to offer the passengers. This was very much an ensemble piece. Everyone contributed to the music making, the dancing and the playing of the various characters to be found on board. The portrayal of the class divisions was suggested and the story was cleverly advanced by the use of telegrams read out by some members of the cast. The final tragedy was dramatically emphasised by the clever use of an underlit gauze screen behind which the cast gradually sank into the sea to the musical accompaniment of Benjamin Brittan’s Peter Grimes. The final haunting sound of the production was that of a violin being played by a member of the cast.

The cast is to be congratulated as each member played his or her part to the full and their enjoyment and energy was infectious. As ever there was a special atmosphere and the Wolds Wonders delivered yet again. The performance was enjoyed by a most appreciative and supportive audience.

The production was a team effort helped in so many ways by volunteers and carers.

Many congratulations must go to producer and director Julia Gregory who stepped into the breach only five weeks ago when the play was still in concept form. All involved can be justly proud of this Wolds Wonders group’s latest success.