Your letter: ‘Council cannot give permission’

On reading this week’s Pocklington Post on the subject of the Young People Count wishing to place a modular building on West Green, the town council cannot give permission to do so.

The council are the custodians of the green under an Act of Parliament, and also a charter which is in the council office for all to read, which clearly states that such a construction is illegal. I’m afraid that the council has no power to give consent for such a building, and if they do so are leaving themselves open to legal action. The council could however if they so wish go down another route, it should be remembered that East Riding Council sold the old school in New Street where the youth of the town meet, and it was Henry Thirsk who gave them a temporary home, so as to a solution, all parties sit round a table and disuse the future use of the police station in George Street, after all the town council control the front half already, why with some support from East Riding they could take control of all the building! At present only part of the building is being used for police purposes, the top floor is unused, why not a youth centre! With a little thought in redesign and a builder Pocklington could still retain a police present.

Alex Petrie,

Harper Close,