Your article: Walking festival attracted many visitors

Landscapes of the Yorkshire Wolds. Taken by Alex McGregor.
Landscapes of the Yorkshire Wolds. Taken by Alex McGregor.

The Walking and Outdoors Festival on the Yorkshire Wolds proved popular among East Riding residents and also attracted many visitors to the area.

Last Friday 17 people enjoyed a health walk with regular leader Isobel Cole. These walks are not too taxing and generally last around 90 minutes. The group went up Chapel Hill and paused to study the new information board on the KP footpath where former geography teacher Chris Spencer gave further geological information. They then walked around the lake at the Buddhist Centre before returning.

A circular walk from Nunburnholme on Saturday was led by Tony Corrigan of East Yorkshire Ramblers who claimed, “What better way to get to know and enjoy the beautiful Yorkshire Wolds than by walking which has the added benefit of improving your health.”

The views were stunning and the group of 20-plus people enjoyed a picnic at the top of one of the ridges. The route was part of the original Pilgrimage of Grace and an interesting historical commentary was provided at various points along the way by Grahame Hicks, heritage project team member, who said: “We were very lucky to have such wonderful weather with good visibility and it was a good group of people.” The participants were full of praise for the organisers and most intend to try more of the festival walks.

Pocklington Future supports all walking initiatives and is aiming to produce a series of walks from Pocklington or in and around Pocklington. Although there are many good walking guides for the area, it is hoped to provide something a little bit different with historical, geographical and local interest added to basic route information. The next meeting of Pocklington Future is 7pm on Monday 12 October at the old courthouse on Pocklington’s George Street.