Your article: Tudor workshops held during reenactment in Pocklington

The reenactment in Pocklington's Market Place.
The reenactment in Pocklington's Market Place.
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Pocklington church and market place once again resounded to the sound of Tudor musicians, protest songs and the voices of local schoolchildren during the latest reenactment of events of East Yorkshire’s great Tudor rebellion – the Pilgrimage of Grace.

The Pocklington based Pilgrimage of Grace Heritage Project Group has been working for the past three years on a variety of initiatives to tell the story and raise the profile of the rebellion that could so easily have swept Henry VIII from his throne in 1536.

It has included giving talks, organizing events, publishing books and leaflets and setting up the Pilgrimage of Grace Heritage Trail footpath and cycle ride from Warter to Pocklington.

The events have included a series of Tudor workshops in All Saints’ Church, Pocklington, where local children have dressed up in Tudor costume and learned about aspects of Tudor life before marching through the Market Place to follow in the footsteps of the rebels of 1536.

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