Your article: Pupils help create beautiful display of colourful art

Pocklington junior school pupils show off their mural designs.
Pocklington junior school pupils show off their mural designs.

Ace Arts are environmental artists Kate Noble and Jan Haskins who specialise in fine art and illustration, and who worked alongside children from all year groups at Pocklington Community Junior School.

The ‘Our School’ artist-in-residence was commissioned back in 2013 by former Headteacher, Mrs Fulstow and funded by the Friends of Pocklington Community Junior School.

The new Mural designed by the pupils and painted by artist Jan Haskins.

The new Mural designed by the pupils and painted by artist Jan Haskins.

The brief was to create artworks that reflected the nature and ethos of the school. The residency began by inviting each child to produce an image to show what ‘Our School’ meant to them.

The response was tremendous and the hardest part for the artists for everyone was choosing which creative ideas to take forward.

In the end, the children’s images were sorted into common themes which characterised each year group and represented the whole school.

This way Jan was able to include all the children’s creative ideas as part of the design process.

The first stage of the project was hands-on for the children and involved them in painting workshops run by Kate and Jan. All the children worked with Kate to produce individual experimental pieces and four large collaborative dot-paintings which were exhibited at Pocklington Arts Centre in August 2014.

The children also worked with Jan to create four acrylic paintings now on display at strategic places in school. They painted the background designs before Jan added the foreground detail.

The large-scale outdoor painting which is proudly displayed on the wall near the main entrance to school, has been a solo undertaking by Jan who has created three interconnected panels representing the ideas of school community, creativity and curriculum.

All aspects of the design are rooted in the children’s creative ideas plus Jan’s experiences of visiting the school and meeting the children.

The children sing beautifully and had produced many images showing how music was important to them and how it plays an integral part of school life, so it seemed appropriate to give the ‘Welcome’ panel to a choir.

The central panel represents aspects of school community and identify.

Images of joined hands, rainbows, the globe and the school logo featured strongly across all year groups

This has been interpreted to form an image of diverse children standing on top of the world which they will eventually inherit.

At the centre of this word sits education – represented by the school logo – as a key to unlocking their potential.

Without exception, the children’s ideas expressed positive attitudes towards learning, so the lower panel features the aspects of the curriculum identified by the children with an emphasis on the thrill of learning and the many experiences ‘finding out’ offers.

Ace Arts would like to express their heartfelt thanks to everyone who has participated in this project and made the outcome possible.

The addition of these pieces of artwork enhance the new and exciting changes taking place at Pocklington Community Junior School under the leadership of the new headteacher Mr Reppold.