Your article: Probus Club flying high after gliding talk

(l-r) Stan Thornton, the speaker Andrew Melville and the chairman, Julian Tremayne.
(l-r) Stan Thornton, the speaker Andrew Melville and the chairman, Julian Tremayne.

The Pocklington Probus Club held its February meeting in the Freemasons’ Hall Pocklington.

It was chaired by Julian Tremayne, the club’s chairman, who welcomed the members and the invited speaker Andrew Melville from the Pocklington Gliding Club.

After a small amount of business concerned with future meetings, Julian asked Stan Thornton to introduce Mr Melville. Stan commented that, as a birthday present he had been given a glider flight over Pocklington. He had so enjoyed the flight he had thought that he should share it with the club members by inviting Andrew, a very experienced glider pilot, to give a talk on the subject. Andrew had kindly consented to do this.

In his opening remarks Andrew used simple, very clear, illustrations to explain how it is possible to fly an aircraft without engines, and how to make use of natural events such as rising air currents beneath clouds. Using superb illustrations he described, briefly, the early days of glider flying. Additionally, he referred to his many experiences of flying powerless aircraft over landscapes very different from the surroundings of Pocklington. Photographs of various gliders, some with enormous wingspans were shown to the audience. He demonstrated how it is possible to stunt fly in such an aircraft and showed excellent film shots illustrating both the inside of a cockpit and what it is like to look outside when flying in other than in a straightforward manner. The sporting nature of some flights such as long distance flying over triangular courses was mentioned and also illustrated in a simple manner. His talk was concluded by a superb set of film clips of stunt flying by gliders. Responding to an invitation by the chairman, Andrew answered, with appropriate humour, the many questions put to him.

A vote of thanks proposed by David Jamieson was carried with acclaim.

The meeting concluded with a reminder from the chairman that the next meeting on 11 March will be the Annual General Meeting and that retired professional gentlemen always be welcome at the club meetings.